Thursday, February 7, 2013


My friend Andrea Anderson got the greatest gift today. The adoption of her foster son became final today. Matthew John-Daniel Anderson who was already the son of her heart became theirs legally. It was a long road. He has been with them almost 2 years. There were times it seemed like it wouldn't happen and times it seemed like it would and then finally it did. Matthew John-Daniel Anderson has a forever home.

I had that thought. When I saw the pictures she posted on facebook I thought wow he has a home. Then I thought to his little self today isn't really any different then yesterday. As far as he was concerned he already had a home. That of course got me to thinking about home in general.

What makes a house a home? A family a home? A town a home? It makes me think home really isn't a place. Home is a feeling. When I refer to Texas I always call it home. When I think about Quanah I think of it as home that is where my memories are. But you know the more I thought about it when I go back to Texas I go to Abilene and it feels like home. I barely even lived there but you know what my mom and brothers are there. When I see a facebook post about Newington I think of it as home. I have been gone over a year but you know what there are people that I love there. Here in Ohio we are renting a house. It isn't really ours but it is home. That is because the people I love most in this world are here.

So what is home really? It isn't a structure or a place or any other physical thing. Home is where you love and are loved and Matthew John-Daniel Anderson was already home.


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  1. Ohhhhh. Thank you. One answer I gave was "everything has changed and nothing has changed" He's home!