Friday, February 11, 2011

My life as Lucy.

Somedays I wonder if Dan thinks maybe this isn't his real life.  Maybe this is all a dream. How else could he explain the fact that somedays our life looks a whole lot like an episode of "I Love Lucy".

I love watching "I Love Lucy" in the mornings. It starts my day out on such a fun note.  I love to laugh and it always does the trick. But for some reason this morning I am really identifying with Lucille Ball.

She tries so hard to be what she thinks she should be but that thing inside her that says she isn't like everyone else keeps interrupting her best intentions.  The thing is, that thing doesn't tell her she is less than everyone else.  It tells her that she has something special to offer.  No matter how hard she tries to be "normal" that little something extra that makes her "Lucy" keeps showing up telling her that normal isn't enough.

Then you have poor Ricky Ricardo. He spent the entire show either trying keep her from getting in trouble or getting her out of it.  Sometimes you can just see the "How did this happen" on his face.  When I get out of the bath (my favorite place to plot, plan, and scheme) and I say "You know I was thinking...." I see the same look on Dan's face.  While I do feel bad for him sometimes his willingness to play Ricky to my Lucy is one of the things I love about him.  The one constant in Lucy's life was that no matter how crazy her new idea... or how much trouble it got her in... or how frustrated Ricky might get, at the end of the day he loved her.

I have to tell you as a Lucy trying to live in the real world Rickys are pretty rare and I am so very very blessed to have found one!


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