Monday, February 14, 2011

Strep, Wrecks, and Valentine's Day

I have been sick for about a week but didn't go to the doctor until it got bad enough I had to go to Urgent Care. Turns out I do have strep after all.

So today I am sitting at home feeling poopy. Not dressed just wanting the day to go away so I can go back to bed.  I had stuff for Caitie's Valentine's party and Amy was wonderful enough to meet me to get the stuff so I wouldn't have to get dressed and go inside the school. 

So I meet Amy at Food Lion hand off the stuff.  Head back to the house.  As I pull out of Food Lion a guy almost hits me.  The state trooper sees him and pulls him over.  Whew! Accident avoided.  I pull back out on the road to the red light to turn on to main street. I am the first car sitting at the light minding my own business.  Three cars back someone doesn't stop and pushes the two car in front of her into me.

So much for accident avoided.  The state trooper (who is still finishing up with the other guy) comes up to deal with the four car accident I am now involved in.  I am happy to say no one was hurt. My car has little to no damage. But it took close to 1 1/2 hours to deal with it.  I just wanted to say "Hello people I have strep and should be in bed right now!"

So anyway it is Valentine's Day.  I feel like poo and I was in a car accident. Maybe I can talk Dan into stopping at Walmart and buying himself a card telling him how much I love him.

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