Saturday, January 18, 2014

17 years

So today Dan and I have been married 17 years. I meant to post wedding pictures on here but I haven't unpacked all the boxes and the album with our wedding pictures is one of the boxes I haven't unpacked. Yes I know we moved last May but I just haven't made it that far yet.

So anyway 17 years.

I don't even know what to say to be honest with you. Some days it seems like there is no way it has been that long and then again I can't imagine a time when it wasn't the two of us. So I think what I will do is just make a list of 7 things I like about being married to Dan. Why 7? Cause 10 is just too main stream LOL

1. He is funny. Seriously funny. People underestimate the value of being with someone who makes them laugh but they shouldn't cause it is awesome.

2. He knows what I mean even when I don't know what I mean.

3. He is great dad.

4. He is so good when I get a little crazy and kind of lose my mind. He is the calm to my storm.

5. He has a way of keeping my feet on the ground without making me feel tied down.

6. He will let me go on and on about stuff I know he doesn't care about. Like chickens and scrapbooking and Montana and pinterest.

7. Because being married to my best friend is the very best possible way I can think of to spend the next 17+ years!

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