Monday, January 6, 2014


I know a lot of people make New Years Resolutions. I never really have been much of one to make them. However this year is a little different. I am planning to make some changes. Big changes. Not because of the New Year Year but because of the change in our life style now that I no longer employed. Now don't get me wrong I am not making these changes because I am unemployed because I hope that situation will not last long :) I am making them because the last weeks of being at home have given me time to look at our life and see how being so busy has allowed us to get off course.

So that said here are my New Life Resolutions:

1. Dinner at 6 pm. At the table. Everyone!

2.  I am going to use my membership at the YMCA. The class times for what I wanted never worked with my work schedule but for now (at least until I find a job) I can go what ever time I choose.

3. I need to plan our meals and go to the store for 2 weeks at a time like I used to. Not only was it cheaper but it was way less frustrating.

4. I am going to get involved at church. We have been going but not really plugged in. We chose a church 30 minutes away from the house. I really do believe this is the church we are supposed to be at but that said I have to stop using the drive as an excuse not to go for extra things.

There are other things I need to change and other things I want to do but I figure this should be enough for now. We will see how these go.

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