Monday, January 13, 2014

For Just Such a Time as This

Do you ever wish you were born in a different time? 

It seems to me that things used to simpler. I mean I am talking like Little House on the Prairie or Mayberry simple. Back when values counted for something. When innocent wasn't a bad thing. I know it wasn't really easy then. I do. But I also think it is harder now. Harder to be a kid. Harder to be a parent.

I just saw a post on Facebook about girls posting nude pictures of themselves on Instagram and someone mentioned guys taking pictures of other guys in the locker room without them not knowing and posting them online.  Seems like I read a similar story once a week now.

Technology. Man the geek in me loves technology. I love the internet. I love Facebook as a way to keep up with family and friends who are far away. I love it to pay bills and to get info immediately. For me, I love that everything is right at my fingertips. I love my smart phone. I have Pinterest while in the store to look at recipes and GPS so I never get lost. My music and books all in one place!

As a mom I hate technology. The internet is like inviting strangers right into my house.  It provides a scary way for others to hurt my kids and a way for my kids to unintentionally hurt themselves. Cell phones can be great. I love being able to get a hold of them any time I want. But the fact that pictures and texts can be sent instantaneously with no time to think it through . No time to wonder if posting that was a good idea or not. No time to wonder if the person you are communicating with is who they say they are. No do overs. Once it is out there it is out there FOREVER!

I wish this wasn't the world I was raising my kids in. It is crazy out there. As I was reading those post I was thinking that I wish it was a different time. A time when it doesn't seem like everyday things are spirally further and further away from what is good and closer and closer to what is ugly. But then I remember:

For just such a time as this.

I think of Esther 4:14 when another woman thought she was the wrong person at the wrong time. But Esther was placed in exactly the place God wanted her in exactly the time He wanted her there. Did God "need" Esther to do what she did? No of course not. God could have used what ever method He wanted to accomplish his plan. But when the call came Esther answered.

I wasn't born in the wrong time. My kids were meant to be kids right now in the middle of this craziness we live in. I was meant to be a parent right now. We are right where we are supposed to be. Don't get me wrong things are going to happen the way they are supposed to with or without me.  But I pray as things get crazier and as things get harder that I will be open to being a part of God's plan because I know I was born for just such a time as this.