Saturday, June 25, 2011

Enjoying Now or Waiting Till Later

This is the stage in the sanctuary where the opening and closing happen. Don't you just feel like you are in a bamboo forest full of fun loving pandas?

This is up in the bible story room. Amanda Adams does the most amazing job turning her room into the scene from the story.

Craft time fun in Miss Rita's room. She always has so many teen helpers that want to work with her I have to go steal some of them to do other jobs!

Group prayer time in the Chadder room. You should see some of the great examples these kids came up with for how they saw God working in their lives. If only we could see the world the way a child does!

Here are the preschool group taking a break from all the singing and laughing and learning to play on the playground.

Vacation Bible School is over. Another year done. It is always a busy fun week. Because the directors job is done (most of it anyway) before it even starts I am usually pretty tired of VBS before the opening on the first night even starts. Then after a day or two of wishing the week were over because I am VBS-ed out I start to enjoy myself. I watch the kids and see how much fun they are having. I hang out in the Sanctuary and talk to the music crew. I start to really have fun.... and then it is over.

How often do we do that? How often do we waste a great time wishing it were over or looking forward to the next thing?  I know as a mom I did it with my kids. When they were tiny babies all I wanted was for them to sleep more. Then when they did I missed rocking them in the middle of the night. Then all I wanted was for them walk. Then I missed the days I didn't have to chase them all over creation.  Next I wanted them to go to school so I could have just one moments peace all to myself. Then I missed the fact that I didn't have any little kids to play with and fill my day.

I don't know if it is a grass is always greener kinda thing or if it is just simply that when things get crazy my brain starts looking forward to a time when the immediate stress will be gone but what I do know is I miss a lot of really cool fun stuff waiting to enjoy myself until __________ happens.


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  1. I've learned that lesson. Thankfully God has seen to it that I get another baby chance (and another, and one more). I am totally enjoying M. Johnny was trying to get him to roll and I said "please don't make him mobile yet!!!" VBS was awesome, I'm excited to hear the songs this morning, I only caught the tail end while holding C. Though Johnny has been humming them all week :)