Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday: What a great week!

What a change a week can make! This week has been exactly what I needed. We had nothing planned. I have been cleaning house, getting stuff sorted for the yard sale I am going to have some day, and other than I couple errand runs I haven't even left the house.  I have had such a needed down week that I can't help but be thankful for a whole bunch of things this week so grab a cup of coffee and settle in cause it is a long list!

  • Lucy the lab is still here. It was close. We have had her for 8 years and I would hate to have to find her a new home. But I have a set rule around here. Simply enough, I LOVE animals and if you don't have a home you can live here, but if you pee or poop in my house you live somewhere else. That said I think the new fence is working. I just wish she understood she could still live inside if she went to the bathroom outside. I also wish I knew what it is that cause this sudden fear of going outside after 8 years. Me with an agoraphobic dog who woulda thought LOL. But I am thankful that she is still here.

  • I am < this close to having my house put back the way I want it so I can start concentrating on my school work. I am ready to dive in head first and try to knock these classes out! I am so thankful for the time I have to get this done.

  • The classes I am about to start are fun ones. Classroom management, Diversity in Education, Lesson planning, the "real" classes instead of trying to finish up the general ed stuff that didn't transfer. I am so so thankful to be done with those.

  • My garden is producing food! We had fresh green beans to eat. I wasn't crazy about them. It is the first time we tried that variety and they are kinda fuzzy :(  BUT... I never feel as close to my grandmother as I do when I am picking fresh stuff from the garden or the tree. I miss her so much but I am so thankful that I have the memories I have with her. I love those couple month out of the year that my garden is like a visit from her.

  • I am thankful that VBS is over and done. I am thankful that God used it to plant some seeds and to build our church up as a family. The kids had fun. The decorations came down and were sent to another church to use. I am also thankful that God used VBS this year as a huge growing experience for me. I learned so much a myself and what God's plans are for me this year.

  • I am thankful for the new pillows that we bought last night. I didn't wake up with a neck/shoulder ache for the first time in months. Why it took me this long to figure out I needed a new pillow I don't know but I am thankful I finally figured it out.

  • I am so very very thankful that I discovered audible books. I never used to listen to books. I LOVE to read why would I want to listen to a book. But my reading obsessively got in the way of my getting things done. I would choose to sit down and read any day of the week over doing just about anything else. Now I have the best of both worlds. I listen to books while I get stuff done and then I read guilt free when I am finished. Yes I am really really thankful for audible books!

  • I am thankful it isn't so hot today. While it hasn't been Texas hot here, the humidity kills me. I know people laugh about the whole "but it is a dry heat" thing but I am telling you I had rather have 110 dry than 90 with 100% humidity any day of the week.

  • The new study we are starting for the summer with my ladies bible study is looking really really good. I am excited about reading it. I will miss seeing them every week as we are doing this study online but still I think the book will be GREAT! I am thankful not only for the study but for the ladies. What a blessing and a half they are.

Okay I guess that is enough of the long winded stuff here is the list from my journal for this week:

Chickens moved.
VBS done.
Kids home.
No where to go.
Comfy couch.
New things learned about old friends.
Grass mowed.
New audible credits.
Flowers revived.

Hope you all have a very thankful week!


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