Monday, June 27, 2011

Finally our REAL summer break begins.

This year has been kinda strange. They moved our 4-H week to the week right after school gets out. Then we had VBS the next week. So any summer break plans we had had to be put off until this week. So here we are our first week off. We have no big plans for the week really other than a trip to Water Country at some point we are kinda staying close to home.

Things are a bit (that means huge) of a mess around here after a week of VBS so the first thing on the agenda is cleaning up. The kids are already complaining. Oh well too bad so sad baby doll. I am not spending the summer in a disaster zone so it is major clean up time around here.

Anyway here is the plan for today:

Pick up the downstairs
Put away all 4-H camp stuff (yes a week later the kids camp stuff is still in  my foyer)
Put away all the clean clothes (I did laundry but we are living out of baskets until they are put away)
Do something about Lucy (our lab) to get her out of the kitchen
Mop the kitchen floor that I JUST mopped Saturday before Lucy broke the fence *sigh*

Wish me luck. It may not look like a huge job but believe me if you could see the mess I have over here you would know I don't have a chance of getting this all done today.  But hey you know me, ever the over planning optimist, so I am going to try!


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