Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Navigating the Insurance Maze

Okay so I am really glad that Dan has found this new job. I think it is important that you can enjoy going to work everyday. As a matter of fact if I ever find a job I like going to everyday I will keep it LOL. But that said changing insurance is a real pain.

First thing you have to know is that Dan has had the same job for 13 years. Before that he was in the Navy. Job/insurance changing is not something we know how to do. I had no idea that because the new company used a staffing company we would have one insurance for 90 days with the staffing company. Then we would change to the new companies insurance at the end of the 90 days. So not only do we have to change insurance but we have to change TWICE.

I had this plan that I wasn't going to use the 90 day insurance. I mean how hard is it to not go to the doctor for 3 months. I guess it is pretty hard. I had a sinus infection last week and had to go. I went to the pharmacy at Walmart (not going back by the way) and they told me that my insurance card didn't work for prescriptions and I would have to pay full price for my meds. A total of about $140. Luckily I have a great doctor's office and I called them. They made some changes and got it down to about $40.  Then I find out today that my card IS good for prescriptions. It even has a little RX on it to show that it is good for prescriptions.  So all that trouble and time I spent getting that straight wasn't even necessary.

Then today I decide maybe I will check in to getting some of my prescriptions filled through the online pharmacy only to find that I can't log in to the insurance's web page. Craziness. I hate not knowing what is covered what isn't covered. Not knowing how to get stuff filled. It is insane. The thing is now it has become like a mission for me. We are paying for it. I am determined to figure out how to use it! One thing is for sure though it isn't user friendly. I am guessing I will get this one sorted out just in time to make the 90 day switch.


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