Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Mind Dump

Well here it is Friday. Another week is gone.  I have so much going on that I can't narrow this blog down to one subject. Instead I am just going to dump it all out so here goes.

Today is Relay for Life. Those of you who have discussed this with me know what that means. Nuff said.

The chicken swap is this weekend. I am hoping to find some calico cochins. I don't know if there will be any there or not but I sure hope so. If not who knows what I might bring home.

There is only one week left in school. Then the kids will be home. I have mixed feelings about that. I am both excited to have them home and disappointed I haven't got more done done before I ran out of time here by myself during the day.

VBS is right around the corner. Wow just a few weeks and it will be here. The planning for it has gone smooth. That is scary. I hope that it keeps on going smoothly.

Money is always on my mind right now. I knew that it would be tight for me to stay home this summer. I also knew that it was the best choice for the kids. So tight I can deal with. Doesn't mean I like it.

My dog Kaya is wonderful. I have been taking her for walks and she is following commands like a champ! The old saying about how the dog doesn't need obedience training the person does is so true.  I took another dog a couple years ago and I learned enough to work with Kaya.

I really need to pressure wash  my house. I don't have a pressure washer. I am not sure if I want to rent one or have someone do it. Oh well see the paragraph above about money. Won't be doing either one anytime soon LOL.

My garden is doing so good. Weeds included. As much time as I have spent out there weeding all it took was a few good days of rain and sun and boom they took over. I have spent 2 hours out there in the last day. I got the swiss chard done and half the okra. I still have to finish the okra and then do the squash and the beans. As long as I can get the cool spells in the morning and evening like yesterday and this morning I should be able to get back on top of it.

I am starting weight watchers again. I was going really good. But kinda fell off a few months ago. Time to hop back on the diet train I guess. This is a good time since the kids and I are planning lots of activity this summer. The cool thing about weight watchers is that their new program is more about eating healthy than counting calories. That is a plan I can get behind.  My friend Kim is going to join me and I think it will be fun to have someone to bounce things off of.

I have decided to cut my hair REALLY REALLY REALLY short. Short, spiky and funky! I haven't decided when since I have Relay tonight and other stuff over the weekend.

I am thinking about doing the whole couponing thing. Not the extreme stock pile and spend hours on it kinda way but more in the if I could save 20 or 30 dollars a trip kinda way. Not sure I will but I am thinking about it.

Jobs Jobs Jobs. On my mind all the time. That is such a pain because I know I am not going to get one until September but knowing I don't have one right now leaves me feeling like I need to go look for one. The only time since I was 15 that I didn't have one was when the kids were babies and that WAS a full time job. I think I will relax about that as soon as school is out and the kids are home. Right now once the kids leave for the day and I have the house all to myself I feel like I need to have something to do. I am sure that I will have plenty to keep me busy once they are home.

If you hung in here this long thanks. My mind is hereby dumped LOL.



  1. I just started WW online this week! I really love the new system. Free fruit values! Also I had 8 points left over yesterday and got to eat a large snickers ice cream bar!

  2. I just signed up yesterday. When I did it before I went to meetings this time I am doing it online. I am finding the new plan a bit confusing just because it isn't what I expected when I signed up. Sounds good though. I will meal plan over the weekend, go to the store, and then get started on Monday.