Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

You can't begin to imagine the week I have had. Remember last Thursday I wasn't having such a great day so I wrote a whole list of things I was thankful for. Mainly just because at that moment there wasn't anything I really FELT thankful for to write about. So that tells you where my mood was already.  I went about my day and headed over to my friend Kim's thinking that would give me the mood boost I needed. It did and I had a great coffee time. Then I come home to find a dead chick and a coop full of bloody poo. My little ones had been  hit by Coccidiosis a single cell parasite. I lost 4 of the 9 babies before it was over. I really thought I would lose them all. So here I was having a horrible day to begin with and then I spent the afternoon burying chickens and cleaning up mess after mess. They were all infected and it was ugly.

So all that was to say I am very very thankful that I moved 5 once again healthy chicks outside this week. They are loving the outside and seem to be thriving again. I am also grateful that the Chicken Swap is this Saturday. Who knows what I may bring home!

On another note I want to say a big THANK YOU to John  Anderson!  I have been a bit nervous about this whole Relay for Life thing. (thanks to all who have been praying about the situation) When I talked to John about having his scouts help he said to me exactly the words I needed to hear. This has been weighing so heavy on me and he said something to the effect of "Don't worry we got this". Not a big thing to him I am sure but he had no way of know how badly I needed to hear that.  I took it to heart and said great I am not going to stress over it at all!  And I haven't. Not that part of it anyway.

So here are entries from my Thankfulness journal:

  • A chance to try an new job before I commit.
  • Relay is almost over
  • A 600 for Caitie on her math SOL
  • SOLs over
  • Lunch with Dan at Salsas
  • Chickens still alive
  • Chickens moved outside
  • Dogs still in the fence outside
  • A new couch
  • Caitie getting up on her own (grouchy morning girl)


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