Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Mind Dump

This will sound a bit odd but I have nothing to blog about. Me. Nothing  to say. Weird huh? I think so. So I have decided I will just toss out waht I am thinking and who knows maybe a blog will develop.

I am still really tired by about 5 o'clock. I am feeling so much better. Go antibiotics! But I am pretty wiped out right now.

I am really looking forward to Women of Faith this year. I just keep thinking this is going to be a really fun year.

VBS is next week and that is about the only thing on my mind. It is coming together really nicely this year and that is a bit scary.

The kids are back from camp. I am glad. I really missed them this year.  Ask me how I feel in week or so. I might be ready for them to go again LOL.

We are hoping to get the fence fixed (again) this weekend. I am so tired of having dogs in my house.  If this doesn't work we might have to get rid of Lucy. I would hate to have to do that but she won't stay in the yard. She wanders around in the road so we can't let her out. And she won't go out to use the bathroom anymore so she can't stay in the house. She is making me crazy. Not to mention what it is going to cost me to replace this carpet.

Okay well that is all I am thinking and no blog developed so better luck next time LOL


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  1. Hurray for a smooth-running VBS!