Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorable Moment Mondays (Books)

I was thinking this morning about just exactly when my fascination with books began. Truth be told I don't remember a time I didn't love books.  I am sure some of that is natural but I am also sure some of it is learned. My mom has always been a reader. I remember bookshelves FULL of books that she got from the Double Day book of the month club. 

I thought I would list a few of my favorite childhood books. Ones that bring back wonderful warm fuzzy feelings when I remember reading them.

Trixie Belden:

This series was easily my very very most favorite. I loved the characters in these books. The differences in all the kids personalities.I even remember when Trixie had to go buy a girdle to wear under a dress... a girdle I tell you! While no one wore them anymore of course I thought it would be so cool to have to go shop for one as a passage into womanhood LOL.

The Boxcar Children:

This was easily my second favorite series. I even reread them again as an adult. I tried really hard to get my kids interested in them but no such luck.  I will never forget how excited the kids were to find the stuff they found in the dump to turn that boxcar into a home.

Nancy Drew:

I had the whole Nancy Drew series and I loved her and the Hardy Boys too. My mom got me them as a set and I can close my eyes and see the row of books all the same, lined up on my shelf. Even then I used books to create order in a chaotic life. I loved that those books were all exactly the same size.

Thornton Burgess's animal books:

I loved these books. The Adventures of Mr. Mocker is the one that stand out in my memory but I loved them all.  I loved the lessons that books taught. I loved the animals having human characteristics. I just plain loved the books

I had tons of Little Golden books when I was little. I loved Tawny Scrawny LionThe Saggy Baggy Elephant and The Pokey Little Puppy. I took great pleasure in writing my name in the little space in the front of the books.

I had the books from the Doctor Seuss collection. In a People House and Oh, the Places You will  Go were my favorites.  I could go on and on about all of these and how I loved them but who didn't? I mean it is Dr. Seuss!

So where did all this start I wonder. I have to say honestly that while loved the children's books the thing I loved most of all was the Childrcraft set that came with our world book encyclopedias.  I could read for hours in the Childrcraft set. I learned about crafts to make, other cultures, plants and animals, poetry and short stories. What a wealth of ... well of just everything.


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