Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 14 of 30 Days of Thankfulness (Youth Pastors)

Wow, talk about a tough job!  I was thinking about this Sunday night. Our youth headed down to Winter Jam.  They got there just a few minutes too late and the concert was sold out and they didn't get in. So you tell me, how would you like to be the guy in charge of a van full of teenager who drove 1 1/2 hours to see a concert and then not be able to get in.  Not me! I will pass on that.

As parents we expect so much from our youth pastors. We want our kids to learn about God. We want them to have fun. We want them to learn service. We want them to grow up to be strong men and women of God. And then we tend to put the responsibility of all that off on to the youth pastor. Man talk about the weight of the world.  Now don't get me wrong I have high expectations for our youth group.  I want all these things to happen.  But as a parent I also have to remember that the church can help but ultimately I am responsible for my child learning these things.

Timothy comes home every Wednesday night and has something to tell me that Pastor Jonathan has said.  Timothy's friends call him "The Guy" as in "THE Guy".  He is going to the schools to meet with and talk to kids every week.  He is planning events for the youth and sometimes he and Teisha are the only adults who are there. Now remember these aren't just any kids.  These are teenagers! Teenagers are scary! Does he do things the way I would do them if I were the Youth Pastor? NOPE not at all. 

And maybe just maybe that is why he is the one up there and not me.

So not just Jonathan but to all those Youth Pastors out there who are trying to make a difference in the lives of teenagers everywhere..... You got a tough job and let me tell you I Thank God for you!


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  1. It was awesome, however, Stephanie Maynor came up with the laser tag idea. :) It did amaze me and how well they all listened to him and followed his queue.