Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 20 of 30 Days of Thankfulness (Music)

I absolutely LOVE music!  Music of all kinds. I can't really say I have a favorite style of music. I just like what I like.  That makes for some very strange play lists on my Ipod but hey what can I say I am me LOL.
I range from classic country to modern contemporary Christian to the Black Eyed Peas what ever they are.

One of my favorite bands is on their farewell tour which breaks my heart but if you aren't familiar with the Asylum Street Spankers you should check them out.  They are amazing and funny.

Here are two of my current favorites.  Like I said I just like what I like.  This one came from a car commercial and you might recognize it... Powerful Stuff by Sean Hayes.

Another favorite of mine I found by accident. I love NewWorldSon's song There is a Way.  I was searching for them on youtube and found Weary. I was hooked. Went straight to I Tunes and downloaded a bunch of their music.

Music is all about mood. I learned that for me what I listen to greatly affects my mood. For the most part I only listen to uplifting feel good music.  Okay I know Weary doesn't exactly fit that description but I love it anyway LOL. But seriously what I have found is that if I listen to depressing angry music I find my mood headed that direction. If I listen to inspirational uplifting music I find my mood headed that direction.  As Sean Hayes sings above..... Powerful Stuff!


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