Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 17 of 30 Days of Thankfulness (Memories)

I had so many wonderful Birthday wishes yesterday.  Some of them came with "I remember whens" from friends and family.  That got me to thinking. I really am thankful for the fact that I had such a wonderful childhood. I always say that when I see something that reminds me of my childhood it gives me warm fuzzies. I know not everyone can say that I am so grateful that I can.

I have so many wonderful memories from growing up.  In no order...

I remember living in the "Big House".  Complete with the flowered wallpaper and the french doors inside. I remember riding my big wheel around on the side walk and playing with Ray Don Cambell.  I remember summers hanging out with Mamaw making animals out of overgrown cucumbers and walking on the rock fence around her front yard.  I remember Sue living with us and making her sleep on the outside of the bed so if something came into my room to get me it would get her first.  I remember moving to the trailer across from the Dodd's. I still call patty pan squash "Dodd squash" because that is what Mr. Dodd grew in his garden.  I remember my mom making me Barbie Doll clothes and reading to me.  I remember my Dad riding me around on the handle bars of his bike and my foot getting caught in the spokes (OUCH). I remember when he taught me to ride a bike with no training wheels and I didn't know how to stop it. He was chasing me down the road in front of Nanny and Pappy's house trying to catch me before I hit something.  I have more wonderful Christmas memories than I could even begin to mention.  I remember going to the hospital to see Aunt Jeannie when Barbara was born but I couldn't go in so someone held me up and let me peak through the window and see her.  I remember when Doug was born.  I also remember when he locked the truck doors on Mamaw while the pick-up was running. I remember Pudgy climbing the tree in front of our house. I remember all the work Mom put into my Birthday party my 4th grade year and I had the whole class over for the party.  I remember my carousel horse cake. I remember football games and card nights at Sue and Guy's when they lived on the farm. I remember Easter Egg hunts at Mamaw's and shopping on Christmas Eve with Mom.  And of course I remember spaghetti and marshmallows on the ceiling and having a mom who was pretty cool about it LOL.

Man I could go on and on and on.  So as you can see...... WOW BLESSED!


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