Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 19 of 30 Days of Thankfulness (Warm Fuzzies)

I was thinking this morning that there are so many things that happen in life for us to be thankful for. there are car accidents that aren't too bad, the job interview that goes well, sickness that gets cured, family that we love, things that we see as an answer to prayer and we are truly grateful for them. But then I was thinking there are little things that happen everyday. Little things that are the things that make or break our day. Things that we tend to over look because they aren't all that big. I think that when we go through the day and it wasn't a good day but it wasn't a bad day and we are just flat out tired it is because we didn't get enough "warm fuzzies" that day to tip the day towards good.  So here is a list of warm fuzzies I can think of over the last week or so and I am really truly thankful for them.

*Laughing with Caitie over something really silly.
*The way my dog head dives into my lap when she sits with me and how Timothy named it a Kaya Dive.
*Hugs from the Awana girls every time they see me out around town.
*Seeing Miss Lil (no matter where or when I see her it is a warm fuzzy!)
*Coffee on Friday (I know it got a whole day but it is still a warm fuzzy)
*Finding stuff in the VBS closet from when I did VBS years ago
*Seeing an S&H green stamp sign on TV last night and remembering helping my Mamaw put them in her green stamp books.
*Birthday wishes
*Dan home from work all day on my Birthday
*Lunch with Amy
*Seeing a couple of Willow Tree figures at Lifeway that made me think of Caitie
*Jennifer and Bill bringing me one of those Willow Tree figures for my Birthday
*Timothy hugs (He will be 13 in a couple month I wonder how many more of those I will get willingly)
*Watching my chickens
*My room upstairs complete with my "Ghetto shelves"

None of these things were all that big but add them all up and man what a life!


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